Başkanın Mesajı | Dünyagöz Vakfı

EK1Adopting the principle “The World is Worth Seeing”, we have worked relentlessly for many years to raise public awareness about the preservation and protection of eye health. Beyond encouraging the clinical and scientific studies that we utilize in treatment, we set out with the purpose of investing in the future while determining nationwide standards and international policies in this field. We have always believed that when it comes to public sevices,our top priority must be to solve social problems. Thus, we have decided to unite our ongoing charity works under one roof so as to ensure continuity and deliver them to more people with our corporate support.

Established in 2011, Dünyagöz Foundation still conducts its activities in accordance with its goal to ease the public services burden on the government. The further we reach, the greater our goals. As the Founders, we do believe that our efforts to serve our people and our society will be the light for many and open up new horizons and change their lives.

Eray Kapıcıoğlu
Chairman, Board of Trustees & Board of Directors