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My Hearts Sees You

May Your Donations Be The Light and Brighten the World!

Setting out on our journey with the motto "A Sparkle for All Eyes",we have touched the worlds and dreams of thousands of people throughout our country,whether they are old, young or even children. And now, with "My Heart Sees You" project,we are planning to raise public awareness about the challenges often encountered by visually impaired and partially sighted undergraduates. With this intention, we,as Dünyagoz Foundation have started a smartphone Project to increase their independence and facilitate learning each and every day.

Besides the built-in applications,the smartphones offer free navigation,color finder,color recognition, OCR (optical character reader),barcode scanner,high-contrasted magnifiers (for those with poor vision) and SOS button (alarm button) NFC .Thanks to the high-performance features of those phones such as touch-tone,touch-operation and voice-over,we are brightening the lives of partially sighted and visually impaired people.

Your donations will make the lives of visually impaired students easier with smartphones.

How can I Support?


Type IŞIK and send an SMS to 5469.

Donation Box

You can help by donating to the charity boxes for “My Heart Sees You” in Dünyagöz Hospitals.

Via Bank Transfer

You can support us by sending your donations to our bank account information.

Our Bank Account Information:
Akbank Gayrettepe Ticari Şube
Branch Code: 0789
Account No.: 52007
IBAN NO: TR84 0004 6007 8988 8000 0520 07
*Donations are charged 5 TL per SMS.